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As a result of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the THREG members have decided to postpone the planned event in May. We will review the position over the summer but any organised event is unlikely before the autumn.

In the meantime, we trust that all our guests and members communicate with each other by phone and email and work together to seek solutions in what will undoubtedly be the most trying and difficult circumstances that we have faced.

Our next event:





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2020 events:

  • Q1 -  Out of the EU and with a thumping Conservative majority

  • Q2 - TBC

2019 events:

  • Q1 - Technology freeing hoteliers to interact with guests

  • Q2 - Institutional Investment in the Hotel Sector

  • Q3 - Waking up to Wellness

  • Q4 - Investing in Uncertain Times


2018 events:


  • Q1 - 2018 UK Economic Outlook- Will the squeeze on consumers be felt by hoteliers?

  • Q2 - Mitigating Development Risk

  • Q3 - Ground Rents for Hotel Investment and Development - A Balanced View

  • Q4  - Local authorities funding hotel developments - Why now is the right time to ask


2017 events:


  • Q1 - Hotel and Hospitality: Finance and valuations

  • Q2 - Food and Beverage: Why hotels are more than a night's sleep

  • Q3 - Technology in Hospitality 

  • Q4 - Hospitality, Wellness and Mindfulness - Capitalising on Wellbeing


2016 Events:


  • Q1 - Hospitality - What to expect in 2016

  • Q2 - Alternative asset class - extended stay

  • Q3 - The impact of Brexit on hotel development in the UK 

  • Q4 - Hotel performance: Profit margins under the microscope


2015 Events:


Venues are carefully selected to be central and accessible and refreshments are always laid on courtesy of our Sponsors.


There are opportunities for members to sponsor networking events, seminars and technical tours. Please email us to discuss.